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Rome Cavalieri Art Collection

Rome Cavalieri Art Collection

Far more than just a hotel, the Rome Cavalieri is home to one of the greatest private art collections in the world. This prestigious luxury hotel houses well over a thousand artistic treasures in its public spaces and suites: they range from the 16th Century to the modern day, from Old Masters to contemporary art, from French antiques to rare tapestries, sculpture and ceramics. There is a crib commissioned by Napoleon for his baby son, a coiffeuse table designed for Marie Antoinette, a commode made for the King of Poland. There are Warhols and Indianas, Bacchanalian frescoes, bronze and marble sculptures. In the lobby are our famous Beauvais tapestries -- the only other examples on public display are at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles -- and our prize possession, the Tiepolo cycle, purchased at auction in 2006 for a record sum. A private tour of the Rome Cavalieri Art Collection can be arranged with our art historian.